RUBI RCA—Engaging, Resolving, and Non-fatiguging sound throughout the audio spectrum, with the unison of Silver and Copper conductors.



Quad Structure:

  • 2x 7N OCC Copper
  • 2x 5N OCC Silver
  • Teflon dielectric
  • Treated Nylon Binder to maintain Quad Geometry

RUBI RCA uses advanced OCC Copper and OCC Silver conductors and Teflon dielectric insulation, covered by a static-damping sleeve, generating negative ions that neutralize static. Large gauge copper enhances the bass performance, providing low to mid-frequency support complementing the silver wire.


Low interference

The Quad structure provides common noise rejection of low frequencies, such as mains interference and low-frequency SMPS noise.


Arctand vGround system

Ideal grounding would be such that the AC resistance across all frequencies of the ground wire is zero. In many designs, grounding impedance at radio frequencies is neglected, leading to high resistance at such frequencies. Arctand vGround wiring achieves low AC series resistance at all frequencies, leading to improved sonic performance, especially in the bass and mids.

AEC Tellerium Copper XLR Plugs

By default, RUBI XLR comes pre-terminated with AEC Tellurium Copper Plugs for its superior conductivity at 93% IACS for the lowest contact resistance.



Structure: 4 core, shielded

Conductors: 24AWG 6N OCC copper + 24AWG 5N OCC silver

Capacitance: 90pF/m


From $145.00

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