The Design Philosophy of RUBI RCA is to express the artist’s intention, properly reproducing the texture, detail, and pace of the song. Our design aims for a soundstage that consists of multi-layered, well-defined edges of sound, with tightness and little overhang. Imagine several pinpoint locations of sound in a 3D space—that’s the intended sound signature of RUBI RCA.



Quad Structure:

  • 2x 7N OCC Copper
  • 2x 5N OCC Silver
  • Teflon & Cotton dielectric
  • Binder to maintain Quad Geometry

Silver is an extremely triboelectric material; Thus our natural cotton dielectric keeps microvolt level static charge within control.
In addition, the 7N OCC Copper enhances the bass performance, providing a low to mid-frequency support complementing the 5N OCC Silver.


Low interference

The Quad structure provides common noise rejection of low frequencies, such as mains interference and low-frequency SMPS noise.


Arctand vGround system

Ideal grounding would be such that the AC resistance across all frequencies of the ground wire is zero. In many designs, grounding impedance at radio frequencies is neglected, leading to high resistance at such frequencies. Arctand vGround wiring achieves low AC series resistance at all frequencies, leading to improved sonic performance, especially in the bass and mids.



We allow custom-tuning of your cables for: -More Bass -Leaner Bass -Less sharp treble -More Treble


Lavish aesthetics

RUBI RCA has a luminous, Ruby red sleeping that sparkles when looked at closely. If you require different colors to match your theme, feel free to contact us.


AECO RCA plugs

Our rhodium-plated copper RCA plugs provide an enjoyable listening experience with the sonics of rhodium. The well-known and semi-legendary AECO RCA Connectors use a single-point ground, which reduces the parasitic effects found on traditional RCA plugs. Should you want a different connector brand and model, feel free to connect with us.

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