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The missing link. For the crazy ones.

0 dB
Low Loss​
1000 MHz
High Bandwidth​
1 x
Max. theoretical noise reduction​

Experience digital love.

Unveil the big picture & artistic intent. Perfect for Audiophiles and Mastering Engineers.



RUBI+ USB is tailored for the best performance & accuracy. 


Ultra low-loss for the sharpest signals and accurate position of sonics, making it the most advanced digital cable we have made.


The 8GHz bandwidth means lots of harmonic headroom for DSD formats that run at higher bitrates.

Ultra Smooth

The 4N, Silver-Plated Copper conductors passes an electropolishing process that reduces reflection and signal distortion; akin to how traversing on a smooth road is easier than a rocky one. The lowered phase noise and jitter gives a pure sonic experience.

Low Noise

The Double-Shielded structure, with a special power conductor configuration, reduces radiated noise down by 200x max. Expect peace of mind that your digital system is truly quiet, with some of our customers reporting 60-70% perceived noise reduction.

Low Loss

4μm thick silver-plated copper conductors reduce skin effect, which is apparent in high-frequency digital interconnects. Air-gap, ePTFE insulation ensures low capacitance, bringing overall loss to near zero (-0.76dB) for 1m of cable.

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Beautiful cable, seller was quick with the order and clear communication. Highly recommend!
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Darren is an amazing person, he is technically skillful. His RUBI+ USB is a great sounding usb cable, the whole frequencies has been improved more accurate, it sounds more 3d, as described in his Carousell list...I highly recommend this cable, particularly if you play DSD music.
Jason Pang
Jason Pang@themedman
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It was a joy to deal with seller. Very responsive and smooth. The end product was very well made, good price and sounds fabulous. I am using it between my computer and DAC, very open, smooth, detailed sound with good control. Worth every cent!
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