About Us

Birth of Arctand Labs

"I started freelancing audio production for emerging artists at the age of 15; having found myself being obsessed with sound quality, and started playing around with acoustics and even cables. I was a huge skeptic for the audiophile cable ‘snake oil’ but being involved in making my own cables and hearing first-hand any perceived differences changed the way I mixed and mastered music. The audiophile market was sharing similar obsessions, so I decided to start my own business selling audio cables."​

Darren Chan, Founder


Interface audio technology and perception to improve personalized audio.


To blur the line between the ‘professional’ and ‘audiophile’; 

Everyone can be a listener of music and appreciate the art of music and its sonic representation.



To use the power of heritage, future technologies, and everything in between to make audio products that match the listener’s ear; 

which to be honest will take a while to arrive. But we will do it the best we can.